Daum PotPlayer FIXED DEFAULT SKIN 2019! (previous/next buttons)


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Daum Potplayer Skin

A collaboration by TBGentertainment and Hardcore Basketball

The default Potplayer skin (and many other skins) have the standard left-click on the UI left/right buttons assigned to skip back/forward in the current file by 5 seconds, and the ALT right-click option for previous/next video.  This is the opposite of what many users prefer.  There is no option to modify this behavior other than modifying the skin.

Therefore, HC Basketball and TBG have come together to present the public with the modified skin here that swaps the default behavior and restores sanity to the PotPlayer world.  Why did we choose the default skin?  It seems to be the most feature packed and the safest choice to please most users, and we also think it is one of the best skins available, especially through the default installation.

Here is the default 2019 skin modified for the desired behavior above.

Click here for a discussion around this issue.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the file (FREE!) here on this page.
  2. Drag the file directly ON Daum Potplayer interface.  You can also put the file in the skins directory, and you can also add the file through the Skin options dialog.  But dragging it is probably easiest.



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