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James - Dating Profile

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Thank you for visiting!
last updated August-2023

(Not my real name. You probably have my real name from the dating app itself.)
This is my dating profile to just have a central place to post some information. If we have recently been introduced through a dating app or otherwise, please consider this my virtual introduction. I myself get overwhelmed by all the swiping, monthly payment transactions, and otherwise on all the apps. If possible, please use the contact information here to begin any kind of conversation, and then we can use any chat app that is needed.

About myself:
Seattle/Tacoma Area

I am 45 yo, male
Athletic, in good shape
Full head of hair, some gray
I have worked in Technology for over 20 years.
I moved to the Seattle/Tacoma area about 8 years ago.
Looking for something long term.

I have no dietary restrictions.
I love to cook and eat great food.
I have a variety of personal interests, and would love to hear about yours.
I do not know a lot of people around here, and so I look forward to companionship.

Thank you and please contact me using the info below:

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